Advantages of Common Law

gavel lawsuitThere are places where the legislative law is not effective as compared to the common law. The main difference between the two is that the legislative law is governed by the legislative and the political persons where as the common law is governed by court judges and there is no role of the politicians and the legislature in the common laws. The judges play a vital role in the making of the common laws but the parliament does not have any operation to do with these laws. There are situations where the common law is more effective and fast as compared to the legislative laws. Let us see to some of the advantages of implementing the common laws.

  1. Specificity:

1.-Common-LawThe legislative law cases are complex where you need to here long and boring rule numbers and section, here the cases are stretched as much as possible and moreover you need to follow different rules and regulation even to attend the case inside the courtroom. The scene is totally different in the case of Common Law; here the case depends on basic three things:

  1. Hearing to the case from both the sides.
  2. Examine the facts and figures provide for the case.
  • Give the relevant judgments on what is right and what is wrong.
  1. Unseen Cases are Seen:

commonlaw01When the common law is implemented then even the small cases are given full importance and the judges hear for each and every case which was previously unseen or ignored by the parliament or the legislative courts. The common law is made in such a manner that it covers all the unseen small cases. It gets difficult for the parliament to look at the tiny things, so these common laws courts prevent the society from getting disturbed by seeing to the cases of the common people.

  1. Flexibility:

Unlike the parliaments and the legislative courts the common law has the power to change. This gives the common law the flexibility to improvise according to the situation and reform new laws by examining the situations. By doing this the common law becomes more effective and efficient which increase the stability in the society. The more the flexibility law provides the better decisions and judgments are given by the law courts and people who are suffering from a long time in coming again and again to get the decision of their cases are now satisfied.

  1. Speed:judge-gavel

The common law courts are some or the other way similar to the fast track law courts, where all the small cases are seen first which are rejected and ignored from the parliaments and legislative courts. These courts are faster in solving the cases and giving the rightful judgments and decisions. Moreover the speed of reformation of the laws and implementation is also fast because there is no role of the political persons and any other permission from the legislative bodies, here the judges themselves reform the laws and as it is reformed they implement it.